Kambanite residential park

Kambanite Residential Park, translated as “The Bells of Residential Park” is a residential complex from a new generation, providing the modern city person with closeness to nature. Everything you might desire to lead a quiet and peaceful life is offered to you, without depriving you of the proximity to the city.  The overall concept of the complex is in accordance with the highest requirements to ensure a safe, calm and harmonious life for the whole family. Amity Design were briefed to create a logo and brand identity to visually support this idea. The logotype combines ethno but at the same time modern look and makes a connection with the architecture style of the complex. The symbol can be interpreted as a silhouette of conifers as well as bells – a connection with the nearby Bell Park. Our work for this first stage includes the graphic design of a large part of the advertising and branding materials, as well as the development of the website.
logo, brand identity, website

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