Aestivum restaurant

Aestivum is located in Zornitza family estate and is definitely worth it making your must-visit-list. The name – “aestivum” means summer truffles from Latin. The restaurant offers author terroir cuisine and a selection of 300 wines from the area and around the world. The interior design is tailored to complement the taste of the food. Through the tall windows, your eyes embrace the infinite beauty of the surrounding nature. We at Amity studio focused on capturing the true soul of the place. The minimal handwritten style logotype and the nature colour palette fully complete the elegant and homelike feeling. The menus and the cash folders were crafted out of beautiful linen canvas. The final touch point was the stylish greyish metal plate over the folders with logo cut-out, the same material as the restaurant’s sign.

Photo Credit Simeon Levi

logo, brand identity

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